International Speedo 85 Mph/135 Kph

437-055-005CInternational Speedo 85 Mph/135 Kph
VDO Cockpit International Electronic Speedometer, with dual scale.
Supports both 12 Volt and 24 Volt systems with bulb changes.
100 mm diameter.

The drive for this display system is a stepper motor, comprising a permanent magnet rotor within a crossed winding arrangement. A zero backlash gearbox at the output ensures a high drove torque and fine resolution. The gearbox has a reduction ratio of 43.2 : 1 and an internal mechanical stop. The stepper motor drive was developed specially by VDO for this product.

The drive produces a bipolar sinusoidal variable voltage using digital pulse width modulation. There is a 90° phase difference ( sine-cosine ) between the voltages on the two motor coils. This rotates the electromagnetic field through equidistant angular steps with a constant length resultant vector (sin2Ø + cos2Ø = 1).

The motor torque is therefore constant at each step with zero cogging. At the pointer one motor step equals 0.065°.

The stepper motor parameters and the design of VDO control-driver electronics are carefully matched to ensure reliable operation of the system under all conditions. Optimised control algorithms ensure a visually smooth pointer motion.

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